Jewelry crafted from your words

Custom sound wave jewelry

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How it Works
Making your one-of-a-kind piece
  1. 1
    Choose a Product

    Select your piece, material, and size.

  2. 2
    Record Your Message

    When prompted during product selection, record or upload your audio message.

  3. 3
    Preview and Purchase

    In real-time, we generate a rendering (3D coming soon) that gets casted into your unique piece.

  4. 4
    Wear, Listen, Remember

    Your piece is delivered with a QR code and hand-crafted sound wave art piece so you can play your recording any time, forever.

Moments to Capture
Celebrate with Them

Share how special they are, what they mean to you and how much you appreciate having them in your life.

Capture Vows

Encapsulate your wedding vows and cherish them for eternity. Relive that special day, every day.

Speak to their Heart
A Love Moment

Touch the one closest to your heart and surprise them with an "I love you" they will never forget.

Carry their Words
Loss of Life

A chance to keep the ones we've lost with us always. Keep their voice alive for when you miss them the most.

Recite your Mantra

Remind yourself of that powerful phrase to push you further and achieve everything you deserve.

An Uplifting Message
Challenging Times

A gentle reminder that everything will be okay when feeling alone during tough times.

Recite a Scripture
Spiritual Moments

Keep those sacred words to live by top-of-mind and look to them for inspiration.

Microphone With Sound Wave

Your words, tone, and volume create the sound wave design of your piece. No two will ever be the same.

Crafted To Last
Crafted to last

Individual casting allows us to embed your message on a molecular level, ensuring your words never fade.

Sizing for All

Every Golani piece is made to order. We can create any size desired by you or a loved one.

Skin Friendly
Skin friendly

Our products are safe for everyone. All of our jewelry is nickle-free, meaning you can rest at ease




Antiqued Sterling Silver



14-Karat Gold



Antiqued Sterling Silver

Every piece of jewelry has a story. At Golani, that story begins with you.
Golani is a collection of meaningful gifts that are meant to last - designed to live in our lives and in our hearts.
With Love,
Your Golani Family