Sterling silver outer sound wave bracelet on male
Sterling silver cut sound wave bracelet on female
Assortment of sound wave jewelry on female
Jewelry crafted from your words

Custom sound wave jewelry

The Golani experience

Solidify your special moment into a wearable piece of art

Choose a Product

Select your piece, material, and size.

Record Your Message

When prompted during product selection, record or upload your audio message.

Preview and Purchase

In real-time, we generate a rendering (3D coming soon) that gets casted into your unique piece.

Wear, Listen, Remember

Your piece is delivered with a QR code and hand-crafted sound wave art piece so you can play your recording any time, forever.

Best sellers

Memories made to last

The Golani difference

Sound Wave Card

Your words, tone, and volume create the sound wave design of your piece. No two will ever be the same.

Crafted To Last
Crafted to last

Individual casting allows us to embed your message on a molecular level, ensuring your words never fade.

Sizing for All

Every Golani piece is made to order. We can create any size desired by you or a loved one.

14 karat gold cut sound wave ring on male
Rose gold cut sound wave bracelet on debossed paper
18 karat gold outer sound wave bracelet on female

Moments to capture

Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, commemorations, celebrations and more - every piece begins with sound and intention.

Assortment of 14karat gold sound wave jewelry